Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunday Savings - Coupon Resources

How on earth do you have 10 coupons for that toothpaste that is on sale  this week?
One of the most common questions you hear when you are a regular avid couponer!
Well let me tell you how! ...
There are many ways to obtain multiple coupons for your own personal use, besides buying them in bulk each Sunday.

My personal favorite ... Get in good with your local stores! 
Most stores will allow you to collect the extra coupon inserts from the left over papers late Sunday evening or early Monday morning. They do not need the entire paper to get the credit they need from the newspaper company. So MOST will  not care as long as you are not interrupting their sales or their customers purchases. All you have to do is ask! The worst thing they can say is no!

Recycle Recycle Recycle ... Better known as "dumpster diving" Hitting up the local paper recycling bins can be very profitable and can get you lots of extras! Be sure to check with the local businesses that house the bins to make sure its ok. (I am a bug-o-phob so this option does not work for me. LOL not knowing what might be inside gives me the heebie jeeeeeebies! - but to each their own ! )

Friends and Family ... Most of them will think your a little coocoo because you need 10 crest coupons! But that is ok, ask them anyway! So many people get the newspaper every day/week and  could careless about those  dollars they are tossing in the trash! Trash to them means money in YOUR pocket!

Trading forums ... There are many  coupon forum sites that offer trading of coupons... I will list a few here once  I get the ok from the owners to do so. For now you can do a google search for coupon forums!

Paying someone for their time/effort to clip and sort! Another easy and usually affordable way to go about obtaining extra coupons. There are sites that will  offer up coupons for a small fee  for their time. (It is illegal to sell coupons, so you are paying for their time and effort to sort, clip and cut)
Here are a few of my favorites .......

Whole Coupon Inserts
Coupon DeDe

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