Monday, June 16, 2014

DIY Paper flowers

The picture does not do these beautiful flowers any justice! I never would have imagined that these would be as pretty as they were from just paper coffee filters and some craft paint.
They were super easy to put together, and for very little money you can make them into a nice center piece as seen above ... or even gather enough of them without the skewer stems and make a lovely wreath for the front door. Endless possibilities 

Supplies you will need:
coffee filters
craft paint
wooden skewers (if making a bouquet)
floral tape (if making a bouquet)

You will need 6 coffee filters for each flower. Take each one and crumple it up into a ball. (the more you crumple it the more realistic the petals become) Undo the crumpled ball so the filter lays flat. Stack all 6 filters on top of each other and fold them in half. Using your scissors trim around the edge to make a scalloped edge as shown in the photo.
Once the edges are scalloped fold the already folded stack in half twice to make a skinny triangle. Staple the botton about a half inch up just to secure the paper in place.
 Starting with the outside layer gently pull the paper outward to start forming your petals. Repeat this  to all the layers until you have a nice fluffy flower.  

Once your flower has the fluff factor its time to add in some color! Choose whatever color you want the petals to be  and add a generous amount on a paper plate. Your going to want to dilute the paint with lots of water so it is very thin (craft paint alone is just way to thick for this thin paper to hold well) 
When I first colored the flower, I was painting each layer individually and the color was pretty bold. After a few flowers I got impatient and wanted to move it along faster. I took the paint brush and just started dabbing the watered down paint along the tips of the flower. This worked pretty well actually the coffee filters soaked the paint and pulled it into the petals all on its own. Less time to color them and I really liked the look so much better. Was  a bit more natural .. kind of like the veins in a flower petal.

And there you have it! A lovely paper flower, for for any decoration needs! I would love to see a wreath made with these, if anyone feels inspired! That might be  my next project when I need something pretty and creative to do!! 
Let me know if you decide to make some of these, and how they come out! Can't wait to see all the fun beautiful flowers!! 

Happy Crafting!!

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